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Underwater Soundscape

“Underwater Soundscape” is a long-term project that I intend to carry out in different cities around the world which have a deep connection with water (through sea, rivers, lakes) such as Berlin, Lisbon, Venezia, and others.

Sound Diary Examples
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Abstract of the Project

Underwater Soundscape is the project in which I want to extend the concept of the soundscape to urban water environments, that can have multidisciplinary artistic developments and whose main goals are:

-Recording and listening to the underwater sonic environment,
-Preparing a basic sound map and describing the outcomes of the underwater acoustic ecology of the city,

-Creating ecological awareness for underwater noise pollution and its effect on marine life by creating public ‘’Underwater Sound Walk” activities,

-Researching differences and features of cities’ underwater soundscapes,
and most important,

-connecting the sound research with local history, tales, and legends: this part of the work will require another level of research such as speaking with locals and consulting archives.

The underwater environment hides stories through sound waves: it is as if underwater vibrations do not disappear and are immortalized by constantly echoing somewhere. It is like thinking that when one enters a room for the first time whose door has not been opened for 200 years, the last
conversations in that room are still echoing on the walls. It is in this perspective that the project also carries with it a historical, symbolic, evocative, and anthropological level.


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