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A five-day trip by train - as if it has never happened. Five days long infinite landscape without stopping - from Istanbul to Kars, from West to East and the way back: a changing topography, different people and culture.....Just the train with its filthy windows I was looking through didn't change. The same, from start to finish. And suddenly back to my starting point, Haydarpasa in Istanbul. It felt like my longest bungee jump - an odd trip to the other side and backward to the if it has never happened. It was like a dream

Abstract of the Project

This project is a presentation of a video story made from shots taken on Anatolian trains, with a live music performance on the stage based on the idea of massive cultural change in one trip, in one country.

The video will start with slow-flowing footage of the Anatolian countryside, mountains, houses, and people, then it will get faster and more complex edit as it approaches modern cities. This video will be accompanied by a live solo musical performance on Stage with Cello, Electric bağlama, effects, and sound samples from the train trip.


The audience will watch Anatolia from the train window, like a Cinema, and witness the artistic portrayal of the musician/s on the stage.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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