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In Tune With The Built

Investigating the relationship between environmental sound pollution and architecture, the project entitled “In Tune with the Built: E-1@santralistanbul” is the outcome of research on the effect of sound pollution produced by the electronic and industrial revolution on our daily lives, on acoustic ecology and on soundscape, and the lo-fi sound systems produced by noise pollution. Composed of 6-minute music and video, the project.

Soundscape,1 acoustic ecology, acoustic environment, electronic and industrial revolution, noise pollution, sound population
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The E-1 Building at santralistanbul

E-1 functions as an educational building and is situated at the Santral Campus of İstanbul Bilgi University. The campus is located at the same site with an arts and culture center named santralistanbul, which opened in 2007. This interdisciplinary platform is among Turkey’s
leading institutions within the field of contemporary arts and culture that combines a learning center, a contemporary art exhibition hall, and galleries together with an industrial heritage. The Silahtarağa Power Plant, a heritage site of 118.000 square meters trans-
formed into santralistanbul, was the first urban-scale power plant of the Ottoman Empire.
Situated at the tip of the Golden Horn, it provided electricity to Istanbul from 1911 to
1983. The engine rooms of the power plant were preserved and turned into the Museum
of Energy and two exhibition halls, the Main Gallery and Gallery 1 were constructed upon the rest of the two plant buildings.22 The administrative buildings and residential homes for the employees of the power station, on the other hand, were transformed into educa-
tional facilities of İstanbul Bilgi University.


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