Day 9

I left dear my friend Nicolas Souchal's home really early in the morning. I traveled to the train station with sleepy Parisiens. I spent some chilling moments in the train station after a 10-minute walk on the train track :(

I found a peaceful space for my Cello and myself after a long wait in Perpignan (unfortunately, there was no ticket on the direct train to Barcelona, because there is only one train a day and tomorrow is a holiday in France...)I made an office for myself in Perpignan and waited for my bus. Of course, we waited an extra 1 hour for the bus... I worked a lot on the bus also because of the Barcelona traffic. I had a couple of free hours before entering my home in Barcelona and I enjoyed tapas and great beer in the warm town.

I am staying in an old apartment in the center and they have a tiny elevator: cute but too small for me :) I am looking forward to starting Day 10 after this long travel day.

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