Day 30 (Final)

I am leaving Lisbon with heavy and mixed feelings. I am happy that I finished the tour with huge personal success, I am proud :) It was a long, heavy but beautiful journey. I will always remember all details of this trip. I am thankful to every single person I met during the tour but especially to Goethe Institute to support me in this journey. I am proud that I achieved 95% of my sustainable travel promises. But, leaving lots of friends and especially Elisabetta here with the virus touches me. But, It will pass and everybody will feel better soon. I arrived at my home at midnight and I think I need to rest some days!!! No No, I was kidding, of course, rest is a luxury for me :) I have a concert tomorrow evening :) If you had followed me until here, a big thanks to you also, see you in "My next Green Tour"



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